A rooftop photovoltaic power station, or rooftop PV system, is a photovoltaic system that has its electricity-generating solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a residential or commercial building or structure.[1] The various components of such a system include photovoltaic modules, mounting systems, cables, solar inverters and other electrical accessories

Ground based


A photovoltaic power station, also known as a solar park or solar farm, is a large-scale photovoltaic system (PV system) designed for the supply of merchant power into the electricity grid. They are differentiated from most building-mounted and other decentralised solar power applications because they supply power at the utility level, rather than to a local user or users. The generic expression utility-scale solar is sometimes used to describe this type of project.

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We are specialized on developing and in operation of PV Power Plants in Europe and Asia.

We have on an annual base a project range of 1-3 MW projects on our road map and are constantly looking for new opportunities to find suitable roof or land areas where we can pilot new projects.

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Field 150 MWp Germany - Operational


Field 10 MWp India - in development


Field 2 MWp Croatia - in development


Field 10 MWp Greece - Sourcing